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Please note that this is an ever evolving web site and was last update 14/9/20, so please re visit and more products and options will be added in the future. Country & Leisure UK have a field shelter in North Wales on display at our yard as well as the timber stables and other bespoke stables.

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Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelters

The inclement British weather can be a real pain especially when you have horses that like to run free in their paddock as often as they can. What if you could provide some form of temporary shelter for them in their field where they could take cover should the odd shower spoil all of their fun? Have Field Shelters erected on your land and this is exactly what you can do. Bespoke versions of the shelters can be built to your designs and they will provide the perfect place for your horses to take cover when the heavens start pour. Not only this, when faced with the sunniest days of the year, your equine pals might like to take shade when the heat starts to rise. If they have Field Shelters and mobile field shelters to trot into they can rest in a shaded environment. Each one of the field shelters can be built to your exacting requirements, so if you want stable doors or galvanised gates fitted to them this can be provided. Horses and ponies will take to the Field Shelters or Mobile Field Shelters with ease and if you select a flat and sheltered area to erect the shelters in, you won`t have to carry out any ground preparation. Probably to the best field shelters in North Wales. Watch out for the special offers page as there are some great Field Shelters to be got.

horse Stables for sale

Mobile stable

Get a quote to have a horse stable made from brick and you will no doubt be left reeling by the price. Look for cost effective solutions such as stables made from tanalised timber and you could left with a large smile on your face. There are a number of wooden horse Stables for sale at the moment and they will prove to be great value for money. Each one of the wooden horse Stables for sale can be custom built to the customer`s specification. All of the framework and the cladding on the stables is pressure treated and there are plenty of options that can be chosen. L and U shaped stables can be constructed and bay blocks can also be erected. Pick from small types of stables that cater for a couple of horses, right thought to stable blocks that will become home to a great number of mares and stallions. The tanalised horse Stables for sale prove to be far more value for money when you compare them to other types of materials. Speak to specialist timber companies about what options you can work with and you`ll soon have a unique and highly individual stable area that can provide high levels of comfort for the benefit of your horses.Call Country & Leisure UK to discuss, or see others sections like Field shelters in North Wales.

Tanalised Stables

Wooden Stables

That large field next to your home could make a perfect paddock where you could exercise your horses. It`s plenty big enough and there is even room for Tanalised Stables an wooden stables which could be erected in the flat area at one side of the field. Bespoke ranges of stables can be supplied and erected on site to provide shelter and comfort for your horses when they are not exercising in the field. Tanalised wooden stables has been treated so it`s ready to withstand all types of inclement weather. The stables are made of stern stuff and will prove to be hardy and durable for many years to come. It would not take much to turn your existing field into a paddock where your horses could run free. The prices of the Tanalised Stables and wooden stables are highly cost effective when you compare them to stables made from other types of materials. Not only do the stables blend seamlessly into their surroundings you`ll have the confidence to use them in them the full knowledge that they are going to last. Turn an empty field into a new home for your horses by proving them with Tanalised Stables and wooden stables that can provide them with shelter and warmth whenever it is required. wooden stables for sale here and well as field shelters for sale. Also we can bespoke stables. So call Country & Leisure UK now.

Mobile field shelter in North Wales, please contact us for details where your nearest reference site might be.